Our Story

We aspired to solve the most crucial Enterprise challenge - improving productivity. While Learning and Development (L&D) teams constantly work towards this, the nature and mode of the training programs leave many gaps. Employees often find themselves in a time-crunch when it comes to completing L&D modules. It also often meant taking time off their day-to-day jobs compromising on their short-term deliverables. Most importantly, traditional training programs haven’t evolved to accommodate the new age workforce who prefer shorter duration training programs. So, we made learning bite-sized, fun and engaging. The result is Upskilly, one-stop e-learning solutions for Organisations. We specialise in Videos, Mobile and Bite-sized learning. Our mission is to help organisations realise the true potential of e-learning and create value for them.

We are part of a larger group with over 10 years of experience in Training and Education products and services. We have trained over 2 million people across 1000+ organisations.